The Pancake Thief

Early this week Mom made us pancakes and eggs for brunch. She made two batches of pancakes so we could have enough for two days. We had a good brunch. Emma and I ate several pancake sandwiches like we usually do and Katie ate hers plain. As Mom had figured, we had a fairly good stack of pancakes left over enough that at least the three of us would get pancakes again for brunch the next day. After eating Emma and I cleared the dirty dishes off the table and then set about playing. A short while later Emma commented that Katie was eating pancakes. Here’s what Mom found:

Did she feel at all guilty? We’ll let you decide…

Needless to say Katie was the only one who got pancakes for brunch the next day. Next time I think we’ll take the leftover food into the kitchen.


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Civil War Reenacting Part 2

Last Friday we did school in the morning and then had lunch. After lunch the family all loaded up and headed off to Brownville, Nebraska. This wasn’t quite as far a drive as last time and we were able to get in fairly early. There weren’t a whole lot of people there when we arrived. We got ourselves registered and were given a map marking where we were supposed to set up. Brownville is on the Missouri River and is quite a hilly town so they had to split up all the camps throughout the town. Mom, Emma, Katie, and I were camped down by a used and old bookstore just south of main street. We were the first ones there so we got to pick the best spot to set up our tent. We got it all set up and then headed off to set up dad’s camp. Dad was camped about a mile away up a very steep hill. Mom told him that we probably wouldn’t visit him in his camp. We got Dad all set up and then headed out to find somewhere to get dinner. Once again we ended up at a Subway. Emma, Katie and I all split a foot-long ham sandwich and a bag of Cheetos. After dinner it was back to camp where we got our bed set up and everything all organized. Dad got changed and headed up the hill to his camp while started getting ready for bed. We decided to stop by the bookstore before bed to use their restrooms as they had something going on there and were still open. When we got inside they had all kinds of food and a man playing music on a guitar. We sat for a little while and listened. Katie had a hard time sitting still and not getting up to dance. We enjoyed listening for a while then headed back to get a good nights rest. Unfortunately, we had gotten quite a few mosquitoes in our tent so Mom ended up battling them before finally turning in to bed. Once the war was over I was able to sleep without being woke up by buzzing mosquitoes.

Early Saturday morning I awakened to the sound of soldiers drilling. Mom said I could get up and get dressed, which I did. Katie was the next to awaken. She and I got dressed but didn’t make it out until they were done drilling. We sat outside our tent and had breakfast while Emma got dressed. After we were all ready we headed over to meet our neighbors. We were actually camped by a Confederate military camp but they had several ladies who were set up there and they had a boy who was my age. After saying hello we headed up to Main Street to check out the town. The night before when we were driving into town we had seen a dog in a wheel (kind of looked like a large version of a hamster wheel) and so we were quite excited about getting to check it out. On Main Street we were able to watch the dog running in the wheel. Mom showed us how the wheel had ropes running around it over to other ropes and pulleys and it was set up to spin the man’s grindstone. We watched that for a while and then decided to head off to the sounds of fighting. We headed back south of town over a bridge and just half a block to our left we saw Dad and the rest of the Confederates in the middle of a fight with the Yankees. As we stood and watched they retreated right past us and set up a new line of fire. We decided to back up a little out of the way and watched the fight for a little while. As they started to move on we decided to head back to our camp.  There we visited with our neighbors and I played with the boy. He had a wooden train and we had a good time making tracks and rivers in the grass and playing. Dad joined us a short time after the battle through town ended and we had lunch together. Emma and I went back to playing but Katie decided to rest a while. I think she was kind of tired.

Here’s a picture of Emma and I outside our tent taken that afternoon

And as you can see from this next picture we have quite a bit more room now that we have a wall tent.


Playing outside the tent


Dad stopped by again after the main battle on his way back to camp and told us how the battle had gone. We had decided not to walk down to watch it as we weren’t sure how far away it was and there were so many hills in town. Instead we enjoyed visiting and playing. He also came back after dinner and we all walked up to Main Street where they had a little street concert going. We looked around in a small type of museum they had showing some old carriages and other old tools. Then we listened to the music for a while before headed back to our tent. This time we were much more cautious and didn’t let any mosquitoes in our tent. Mom was careful to keep the lantern down low so as not to attract any bugs while we got our bed set up. Thanks to our cautiousness everyone slept very well without any buzzing or annoying bugs. We slept in a little on Sunday and once again Katie and I were the first ones dressed and out for the day. I pulled out our groundcloth outside the tent and Katie and I went out to eat breakfast and watch a few of the neighboring Confederates drill. For some reason Katie must not have been listening to the Drill Sergeant’s commands because he was very clear when he said “Ready, Aim, Fire!” but it apparently didn’t phase Katie. She started screaming and ran into the tent to Mom with strawberry jam from her granola bar all over her face and chest. It made quite the amusing picture. Unfortunately we didn’t catch that one with the camera. They apologized for making her cry and Katie decided to spend the rest of their drill time with Mom. After breakfast we went next door for church call. Then we headed up to town because Dad told us they were going to have an execution since they had a court martial and he had lost his case as the defense attorney. We missed the execution but we saw the guy afterward. They had a sign around his neck that said “deserter”. After that we went and watched the dog for a while then headed back to our camp for lunch. Here’s a picture of Emma and I on our way back to camp.

Once back we had our usual fare of chicken and rolls for lunch. As you can see that is still Katie’s favorite part of reenacting.


Raiding Mom's plate while she takes a photo


After lunch Emma and I were quite taken with the creatures we and the boy had found. We enjoyed putting a fuzzy caterpillar on the train and watching him. We also found a snail and put him on a box so we could watch him when he came out. Much like a watched pot never boils so a watched snail rarely comes out of his shell. Here we are waiting and watching.

Katie on the other hand was content to play with her doll.

Once Dad got back from the battle we got all our stuff packed up and ready to go. But in case you are wondering since Mom is never in any pictures yes she does dress up. Here’s one Dad snapped of us in front of our tent before taking it down.

After loading up we hit happy hour at Sonic and were back on the road again after another successful and enjoyable reenactment. I must say though, as fun as we have it is always nice to be home again (and at least for some of us to get to take showers and baths again…).

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Civil War Reenacting Part 1

Well, the last few weeks have been full of events, Civil War events that is. First, just over two weeks ago we went over to Pilot Knob, Missouri for a fairly good sized Civil War Reenactment. Mom spent the week before sewing and made me a new shirt and Emma a new dress. She also made bonnets for both Emma and Katie. Early Friday morning we all loaded up in our packed up van and headed off. It was a little over eight hours there so we had a long drive ahead of us. We made it there in fairly good time only having to stop for gas and lunch. We stopped at a McDonalds and on our way back to the van we saw people feeding ice cream cones to their dogs! Upon arriving we set up Mom’s new wall tent over in the civilian camp and then headed over to find the Confederate military camp so we could get Dad set up. After getting Dad’s dog tent set up, (which looked almost comparable to a dog house if it were next to Mom’s tent) we went and put a few things together in our tent and then visited and waited until the rest of Dad’s unit got in. We said hello to the guys and I helped supervise the digging of the fire pit while they all set up. Then it was off to Subway across the highway for dinner and back to camp for an early bedtime.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early. Mom and I got up early and got ready for the day. While we were doing that, a person who shall remained unnamed did not make it out of our bed in time to get to the restroom. Needless to say there was much confusion and excitement, which followed. We all finished getting dressed and Mom packed us up some breakfast in my haversack and headed us all up to Dad’s camp. Fortunately she had seen a laundromat next to Subway the night before so she dropped us off with Dad and went over to wash out our bedding.  Emma, Katie and I enjoyed our breakfast of rolls and apples in Dad’s camp and then Emma and Katie played dolls. When Mom got back we all headed back to our tent to finish cleaning up the tent. There were some kids in the tent next door so I played with them some off and on. Dad joined us for lunch and then after the battle we headed up towards his camp to take lemonade and pound cake to the guys in Dad’s unit. On the way to get water and to Dad’s camp we had to stop almost every two or three feet because people wanted to take pictures of Emma and Katie! You can see whether you agree…

We finally made it to Dad’s camp as they were getting back. I think they enjoyed the lemonade and pound cake. After that I went with the guys while they got a period picture taken. I stood guard at the top of the hill to make sure no one walked in the fort while they were trying to get the picture. The girls stayed back in camp and also took the opportunity to get a few photos. Here’s one of Emma.

Sitting by Dad's Tent

Playing Dolls

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting in Dad’s camp and playing with our neighbors. After that we had dinner and then headed up to the dance. I watched Emma and Katie while Mom and Dad danced. During the dance they blew up the fort. It was really bright! We all had a good time and then we headed back to our tents for bed. We were all tired so it didn’t take us long to drift off. That night it rained so Sunday morning was cool and wet. We slept in a little later and got dressed. The people in the tent across from us shared their breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits with us. So between that and our oatmeal we ate pretty well! After that we headed to Dad’s camp for church and then back to ours for lunch. Emma was cold so she bundled up and played dolls in the tent where it was warmer. She cooked and fed her dolls quite well over on our bed. Here she is:

Katie on the other hand was more interested in lunch…

This time we got front row seats for the battle. We enjoyed watching the Confederates charge up the fort. Dad even ended up carrying the flag towards the end of the battle. As you can see below Katie enjoyed watching so much that she fell asleep amid the cannons and then gunfire.

After the battle it started to rain. Here we all are waiting for Dad to get back with the van so we can pack up and leave.

We loaded up in the rain and then were back on the road again. It was a much longer drive back. We stopped for dinner and then watched movies. After that we had to take a second nap and got home really late. After letting my dogs out one last time (who I think were glad to see us), it was off to bed. We had a good weekend and found out that somewhere around 20,000 spectators had been through there. No wonder it seemed like hundreds of people wanted to take our pictures…

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Hitting the City-Wide Garage Sales

This morning we woke up bright and early, (well, some of us were brighter than others but we all woke up early) so we could go to all the garage sales in town. With $12 in birthday and verse money weighing down my wallet I was pumped and ready to go. After all, last time I’d found a Playmobil pirate ship and just maybe I’d find another one, or perhaps something even better! We got ready and loaded up into the van. Our first stop was a garage sale on the main street in town. I saw a few things that looked interesting but nothing that I just had to have or really wanted as Mom and Dad had told me before going in so we moved on. Mom went down the street and got doughnut holes for Katie and doughnuts for the rest of us in honor of the day. After that we were off following our map with all the pre-marked sales with those in the paper added on so we wouldn’t miss any. We went to quite a few different garage sales. I got out at most of them in the beginning. Mom was going kind of fast so I didn’t always get a good chance to look. After the first few garage sales we broke out the doughnuts. Katie was the first to hit the bag. She was quite impressed with the doughnut holes and was eating them faster than Dad was willing to hand them out. I continued to look as we went and noted that I still hadn’t bought anything even though Mom by this point had made several purchases. She was able to find another Tot Spot lawn chair so Katie and Emma will each have their own. (For those of you who may have missed the tee ball games along with the sideline games – Katie spent most of Robbie’s games trying to trick Emma off the chair and them climb on it before Emma could return.) Finally about three quarters of the way through the map of garage sales we stopped at one that had all kinds of Nerf guns. One of them in particular really caught my eye. I was asking Dad about it and he told me it was $15. This was, of course, more money than I had. As I was looking at it and getting ready to discuss with Dad whether he thought they might take less for it, the man told me he would sell it to me for $13. It was getting pretty tempting at this point but I still only had $12. I continued to check it out was really impressed. It had a removable tripod, all but four of the darts, and a belt that could hold enough darts that I would be able to wage quite the battle. Well, I decided to ask the man if he would take $12 for it. He said that he would if Mom and Dad said I could get it. Fortunately, they told me that I could if that was what I really wanted to spend all my money on. You can shoot it as is, or with batteries you can shoot it much faster. We tried it out and it works great. Now I just need to save up a little more to get batteries for it. I was able to spend most of the afternoon since we’ve gotten home shooting it and it is a lot of fun to shoot. Here are some pictures of me shooting it.

A Happy Customer

Reloading the Belt

In other news for the day Emma found a wooden doll cradle for her baby dolls. She was able to bargain and get a good deal on it too! Her afternoon was spent hauling all her baby doll things downstairs and taking care of them. She mixed them up cereal and fed them and put them down for naps. It was quite the long process. In between she had to fight of Katie who was trying to snatch up various baby dolls and items to help out. They finally came to a compromise and Emma let Katie brush the dolls hair while she handled everything else. Overall we had a really good time going to garage sales and were happy with what we found. Emma even finished the day having some money to spare.

Other than that our week has been pretty routine. We are still doing school and I’m learning more about playing the violin. I have been learning not only how to hold the bow and violin, but how to stand and am even beginning to work on playing on the open strings. I just need to work on making sure my bow goes straight. I got in quite a bit of practice the other day but finally wore out and had to stop. Hopefully I’ll learn how to play songs one of these days. Katie still manages to keep busy most days while we are doing school and usually stays out of trouble. She enjoys Mondays best because Dad is home to play with. She and he come up with all sorts of fun things to do. The other day she decided that since she can’t drive yet and that Dad and Mom won’t let her go anywhere by herself that she’d try another mode of transportation…

A Perfect Package

As you can see, she was quite proud of herself. However, I don’t think she’s going to fall within the flat rate. I like how the outfit shows off her nice round belly. She had quite the good time playing in this outfit and kept showing it off all evening. Who knows maybe she’s going to start a new fashion trend…

I guess that it all just goes to show that one man’s trash is usually a little person’s treasure…

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Getting Older

Well, here we are nearing the end of the first week in September. It’s hard to believe fall is almost here. We are enjoying the cooler weather! Summer was really busy this year. Starting in July we had almost everyone in the family come through at one point or another. It was great having Papa and Granna, and Grandpa and Grandma make it up for tee ball games. Grandpa, Grandma, Aunty Eva, and Aunty Anna were able to be here for my last game and also were able to join us for the pool party afterward. We had a good time playing in the water. I think Katie thought the pool was just a big bathtub! We had a good time visiting with everyone who came through. It was fun to see Cousin Danny, who we hadn’t seen since Christmas. He is almost as big as I am! We had a good time having sword fights.

Things slowed down a little in August. We started up school early in the month. I was a little disappointed that Mom made us back track some in Phonics but we’ve been chugging along. I’m not sure that I like school anymore but I am slowly learning to read more and more words. Emma and I do school together while Katie usually plays or gets into trouble. So far my favorite thing about Math is doing number puzzles. I’m getting faster at addition and am working on learning subtraction. One of the best parts about school right now is that Mom has started teaching us how to play the violin. So far, we have worked on how to hold the bow and hold the violin and I am really enjoying it.

Late in August we celebrated my 6th birthday! I picked out spaghetti and meatballs with green beans and bread for dinner. Mom made me a pirate ship cake, which had a sprinkles cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting on it. Here’s a picture of me with my birthday cake.

I invited Morris over for dinner on my birthday. After dinner Emma, Katie, and I all donned pirate gear and Mom gave me a treasure map. With a little help from Dad, Emma and I followed the map to find three presents that had been hidden! Everyone agreed that maybe I needed to work on my map reading skills but at least we were able to find them. I got some baseball cards, a Rangers sweatshirt and a Prince Caspian sword and gauntlet set that I had really been wanting!

The treasure hunt was followed up by a sword fight. The new sword I got even makes clinking sounds while you fight. I was having a good time fight and shooting my gauntlet only I kept getting got by Dad and his sword because I would go to shoot the gauntlet and realize I’d forgotten to reload it. Emma and Katie also got in on some of the action.

Robbie in his Caspian gear.

After our sword fighting it was time for cake and ice cream. The pirate cake tasted just as good as it looked. Even though I had been full at dinnertime I managed to find enough room in my tummy for dessert. Here I am blowing out the candles on my cake.

The weekend after my birthday we went down to Texas to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. There we had a good time visiting and learning how to swim in their pool. Emma was braver than I and got where she could practice floating and kicking with only a life jacket or a noodle. I on the other hand got along just fine with both or with my life jacket and a board. We both got quite good at kicking and going back and forth across the pool. Emma also spent some time jumping in to Mom and then going back to the side of the pool in her life jacket. Sunday after church we went to a Rangers game. When we got there Emma and I both got Ranger’s backpacks that looked like catcher’s gear. I had five tokens that I could use in their kids sports park. I let Emma use one and we both did the slingshot where you tried to shoot the ball into Captain’s glove. Neither one of us were able to get it in. After that I batted off the tee, then did a game where you drop round disks down through nails on a board to see where it goes. I got one in the home run slot and won an Ian Kinsler magnet. With my last token I decided to get two Rangers tattoos and then it was off to our seats. The game was really hot and the Rangers lost. However, as you can see from this picture Emma had a good time eating her ice cream.

After the game we were able to go down and run the bases. I went first and beat Mom and Emma around the bases. Here we are running around.

Robbie rounding first base.

Mom and Emma running the bases.

We had a good time overall in Texas. Monday morning we left early and stopped in Oklahoma to have lunch with Great Grandma. We went to Golden Corral and so we were able to get whatever we wanted. Emma had soup and salad while I went for something a little heartier. We all had plenty to eat and finished it all up with ice cream and jello! We had a good time visiting with her and it was nice to break up the long trip home with a stop.  We made it home without any problems and since then it has been back to school. Today we started history. We went to the library to try to find some books for that. (I found a book on pirates while Mom was looking for the history books.) We are also going to make a book about the history of our family. We colored the title page and Mom said we’ll get to call people and ask them the questions on our paper so we can write down the answers and then make them into a book. (So, I guess a word of warning if you are in my family I may be calling you…) Well, that’s about it here. I am looking forward to Awanas starting back up next week. We are also hoping to make it to a reenactment this month. Hopefully I’ll have more to post then. Oh, and here’s a picture of our motley crew that Mom took the other day when we were playing dress up. Enjoy!

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Let the Games Begin

Well, I have now had two t-ball games this year. Our first game was on June 1st against another team here in town. We got our new shirts when we arrived at the game. They are a royal blue and match my Rangers cap and my Rangers wristbands almost perfectly. I am number 8. Our coach wasn’t there so Dad and two of the other parents helped coach. We batted first and I forgot who I was supposed to be after. So, when they told us to grab our gloves after the last batter I told them I hadn’t batted yet. So, I batted real quick and then we took the field. I hit at least one ball out of the infield. The weather was nice and the game went well. Dad and Mom said I did really good and I had a good time.

Running Bases

Playing Third

The rest of the week went pretty much as usual. This weekend we were busy working outside and in the yard. I helped with my usual jobs with the mowing and then we all played outside while Dad and Mom worked in the yard on some other stuff. Sunday we had church and our monthly potluck. There were lots of desserts and jello salads! We had a good time eating and visiting with everyone.

Our second game was this last Monday. It rained all day so we weren’t sure if we were going to have a game or not. It finally stopped raining a few hours before the game and the sun came out. We ended up playing. This time we were the home team so we batted last. The other team had a lot of kids on their team! After they all got done batting (we even made a few plays that would have been outs) then it was our turn. We only ended up playing two innings this week. But during part of the second inning I played first base. I was able to catch several grounders thrown to me by my teammates and even managed to catch one ball on the bounce! There were a few frustrating moments for me when the pitcher grabbed the ball and then ran and tagged home rather than throwing it back but we had a good time.

In other news around here Mom moved all the plates and snack bowls down lower into the island in the kitchen. She also moved down my cups. Now Emma and I get to unload the plates, silverware, plastic containers, and snack bowls out of the dishwasher. We were both excited to be able to be “bigger helpers” now and are both enjoying our new job. Emma has started helping take care of the dogs and will hopefully take that job over soon. Also, Mom let me take the trash out one day. I was very careful and did it just like she told me to. I sure am getting bigger!

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Happy Memorial Day

This morning Dad and I went over to the Memorial Day service here at the cemetery. Usually all of us go, but Mom stayed home with Emma and Katie since Emma wasn’t feeling well. The service went all right and it was good to remember those who have given their lives for our country and our freedoms. After the service Mom made brunch and I decided we should have hamburgers and potato salad for dinner rather than Mexican pileup. (Since Dad didn’t have any preferences my vote actually counted for something.)

I’ve been kind of grumpy as I’ve had a crick in my neck since yesterday, I’m hoping that it goes away soon. Other than that there isn’t a whole lot going on here. Hopefully we’ll have a quiet and restful day. We’ll probably go for a walk later and I’m trying to lobby for another movie. Well, I suppose I’d better run. Thanks to all those who are serving our country.

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