Mom’s Chronicles Part 2

September 18

Another hectic day. I got up this morning and did my morning workout program and then got Katie and Abby dressed for the day and then fed Ginger breakfast then let her out and back in. That done I called down Robbie and Emma to get school started. I closed of the dogs in the kitchen so I could watch Ginger while we did school. After Bible I started Robbie on his math and then did a bit more for the dogs. After that Emma and I worked on her phonics lesson while Robbie worked on his math problems. By the time I finished with that it was almost time for lunch. We ate a quick lunch and then it was back to school. It seemed like the phone just kept ringing today, which slowed us down a little. I had managed to get one person’s sewing done and they picked it up but then I had two more people bring stuff by!

In between phone calls, people stopping by for sewing, and having to constantly monitor Ginger we managed to get almost all our school done, dinner started, and things picked up a little before my friend and her kids came over. The kids also were able to talk to Dad on the phone and fill him in on all the latest happenings. The afternoon was spent with the kids playing and in between the dogs, dinner, and occasionally taking care of kids she and I were able to get a little bit of scrapbooking done. She left a little after 9 and then it was time for the kids to pick things up and get their showers. While they were doing that I gave Ginger her pill and was putting her out when she got sick on the sun porch. She had been doing better so I am not sure if it was because I just gave her the pill and she didn’t like it or what. Hopefully, things will continue to improve with her tomorrow. Once they were in bed I got all my scrapbooking stuff put away and worked some more on the laundry room. I also got a load of laundry washed and put in the dryer and the dishwasher loaded and set to run. I know I lost a couple hours visiting and scrapbooking but I think it was good for my sanity. I feel like I am being run through one of those old fashioned laundry ringers. My typical day runs anywhere from 8-9:30 in the morning to almost 1 the following morning. I keep thinking I am going to move my wake and bed times up, but I just seem to accomplish so much more once everyone is in bed. Yet no matter how much I run around, go, and do it just seems like there is no way I can get it all done. Well, as it is now past my usual bedtime I suppose I ought to catch a shower and get some sleep…

Day ? – September 17

It seems like life has just been go, go, go and somewhere in there I lost track of days. The kids and I were able to spend three weeks in Texas visiting Rob and it was definitely good to be together as a family again even if things were kind of crazy. While we were down there we were able to go to a water park, which everyone but Katie thoroughly enjoyed. We also enjoyed watching the Rangers beat the Twins on Robbie’s birthday. It was good to be able to be down there to celebrate Robbie’s birthday with both sets of grandparents. As much as we enjoyed being together again as a family we had to head back. We ended up coming home a week ago last Wednesday and getting home just in time for the first night of Awanas. We unloaded the van and had about half an hour to relax before heading over. As we were getting in the van to head over there Abby started crying because she didn’t want to get back in her seat. I felt really bad for her as she’d been in the car all day and didn’t understand it was just going to be a quick trip. This year Robbie moved up to boys and Emma moved up to Sparks. Katie and I were still in Cubbies. However, as I am not sure how long I will be here I stepped down from leading to helping. I must say it is kind of a nice break. Our first night we had 11 kids in Cubbies! Awanas went well and then it was time to pick up Abby and get everyone ready for bed as it had been a long day.

Thursday I woke up and mowed the yard. It had rained while we were gone and even though a friend had mowed it once it needed to be mowed rather badly. I finished up mowing just in time for everyone to catch a quick lunch and then load up to head to Salina for groceries. Knowing it was going to be a long day and I was going to be tired we opted to get dinner down there. The kids seemed to enjoy the treat and I was glad to not have to come up with something to cook for dinner when we got home. It was good to have food in the fridge again as it was pretty slim pickings when we got back.

Friday I spent doing laundry, unpacking, and getting ready for a garage sale that I was planning on having the next day. I had been setting stuff aside as I packed boxes so it was mostly all in one place. I did however, have to pick up tables from the church and then haul everything downstairs and mark it all. By the time I got everything done it was sort of a late night. Saturday I rose bright and early, put out the signs and then hauled everything out onto the porch. I woke Robbie up to help me but let the girls sleep. It seems like it was non-stop for a while and Robbie enjoyed making change whenever we sold something. We were able to sell off all the big things, which was good. Robbie was thrilled to have made just under $6. I was just glad to get rid of the big stuff even if we didn’t make a lot. By lunchtime the crowds had trickled off and we closed up. After hauling everything back in I had to explain that no they could not buy back the things we hadn’t sold, that rather I was going to donate the rest. After all, they hadn’t missed them in the months that it had been sitting in the garage sale box and probably wouldn’t even have known it was gone if they hadn’t seen it. I did tell them however, that they could watch one of the movies that they insisted they’d never watched before and after that they were all right with getting rid of it. Once we got everything inside and finished eating lunch I was exhausted so Katie, Abby, and I all took naps. I spent the rest of the evening sorting through what was left and cleaning up.

Sunday things finally started to slow down a little. There is no children’s Sunday School right now but everyone sat still and did well during adult Sunday School. Abby however, was a real grump during the service. As usual she was really tired but absolutely refused to fall asleep! I took her into the nursery but could tell that she was going to keep fussing. I didn’t really want to walk back through the sanctuary to take her outside so we ended up slipping out of the window that didn’t have a screen on it. It was probably a good thing we went out too as she decided that she was going to try one of her screaming fits and while I don’t know if they could hear her when we were outside I am positive everyone would have heard her in the nursery! We slipped back in once she was calmed down and she finally gave up and fell asleep.

Last week was kind of a blur as we officially started school. Between teaching I spent a large part of my time planning out lessons and trying to figure out a tentative schedule for the school year as well as figure out the ins and outs of the new books. I also had to order a few books that I’d forgotten to get. I also managed to get a few boxes packed, get some sewing done, and worked on cleaning up the laundry room. (No matter how much I clean and sort back there it seems like I never get to the bottom!) Friday after school we got the house cleaned up as I was having some friends over to scrapbook. It was definitely a welcome break and a nice reward for having survived the first week of school. The kids had a good time watching movies and I was able to get several pages done in Abby’s book as well as enjoy some adult conversation.

Saturday was spent working more in the laundry room and painting the trim in the kitchen as well as the basement and back doors. Sunday morning was kind of rough as one of the dogs had gotten sick before church and it had been tracked all around the dining room and kitchen. I managed to get the spots kind of clean before leaving and then asked some guys from church if they could move out the table. I borrowed another friends carpet cleaner and spent the afternoon cleaning the dining room carpet and mopping the kitchen floor. I also managed to give the dogs a bath and confined them to the kitchen. I was glad I had as she got sick at least two other times before he day was over. The sermon that morning had been really good as well as convicting. It was on living wise and mature lives and how we need to do so all the time, including at home, where it is the hardest to do! Boy did that hit the nail on the head as the last week between school and other stresses it was definitely a struggle to keep a good attitude.

Today was another long and somewhat stressful day. The morning started off well as I was able to enjoy visiting with Rob on the phone while everyone was still in bed so it was quiet with no distractions. After that I got dressed and headed out to start mowing the yard. On my way out I put the dogs in the backyard so that they wouldn’t wake up Abby and Katie. I was able to get the front and side done and then had to break as it was time to get going on school. I went ahead and tried to feed Ginger as she was the one who had been sick the last few days. She didn’t want to eat much and then ended up throwing it all up again. I was becoming quite concerned so I scheduled an appointment with the vet. We did some school and then had a quick lunch before dropping the kids off at some friends and then heading to the vet. Still not quite sure what is wrong with her but we are trying some stuff and I am monitoring her. (I hope she is fine and that it is nothing serious but at the same time it just seems like one more thing to do… oh well.) I did find out that it appears she doesn’t have an obstruction, which is good. I also found out from more constant watching that perhaps some of her messes where I thought she was throwing up may have actually been the runs. Not sure if that is good or not I may touch base with the vet again tomorrow.

After getting everyone picked up and back home it was back to the books. We finished up school in time for me to get dinner started and then head out to mow the backyard. I hooked up Abby’s swing and she enjoyed swinging while the big kids played and I mowed. With that done dinner was ready. After dinner the kids played for a while and then took their showers. I worked on the mountain of dishes that had piled up over the last two days and washed the latest of the dog bedding that had gotten hit. After showers the kids picked up and then it was time for bedtime stories and bed. With everyone tucked in I headed back down and got the rest of the kitchen trim painted and organized some of my scrapbooking stuff. Well, I suppose as it is now another day I should probably take the tape off and call it a night. I keep hoping things might slow down a little but the way my week is shaping up I don’t think there is a very high chance of that at this point. Hopefully though, as we heard in the sermon I can keep myself and attitude in check even here at home and “count it all joy when we fall into divers temptations, knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience” – how hard that is to do!

Day 36

Once again I didn’t sleep real well. Not sure what my problem is. This morning I got up and mowed the front yard. The weather was still nice and cool with a breeze so it made for a nice day to mow. After I got done and back inside I could hear Abby babbling in her crib so I peeked in and both she and Katie were awake. I got them both up and dressed and by this time I could tell the big kids were up too. Katie was hungry and wanted breakfast and I told her I was going to make breakfast burritos for brunch (as it was already close to 11 at this point). She said she didn’t want that she wanted cereal instead! I told her that was fine and fixed both her and Abby some cereal. Robbie also decided he was so hungry he couldn’t wait and had a bowl of cereal as well. With three quarters of the kids having had breakfast I wasn’t in as big of a hurry to cook. I did eventually get the breakfast burritos finished and everyone decided they wanted some.

This afternoon we all loaded up in the van to run a few errands. Once those were done and we were back home everyone who had wanted to play out back had changed their minds. Well, everyone except Katie but she couldn’t get anyone to go outside with her. As they all had nothing to do and I had some time I decided it would be a good time to start school (at least have a shortened version). We did Bible together and played a letter game. Then I started with Robbie in his new math book. Emma wanted to start but I told her she could just work on practicing writing and sounding out words and that we will start her book later. We probably spent a little over an hour and I decided that it was a good start so I called it a day. My plan in to let Robbie get going a little into his math book before we add in another new book (English) which will give me some time to go through what he’ll be covering and schedule it out. I also still have to order a few more books but I figured we could get started with the basics.

After school I put Abby down for a nap and packed up another box in Katie’s room. In it went puzzles, a stroller (do we really need three out?!), and a few more baby dolls, (I think there are still at least five out so no one will lack for a baby.) along with a few other various items. I also managed to get some more cleaning up and packing done before it was time to cook dinner. After dinner I told the kids that if they got their rooms and the downstairs cleaned up and showers taken by 8:30 that they could watch a movie. They got all that done and couldn’t agree on a kids movie they wanted to watch so they decided to watch CHIPs. During the first episode I was able to get Katie’s room clean and sweep the upstairs hallway. I joined them in watching the second episode. Abby apparently had gotten bored and fallen asleep. She didn’t wake up until it was time to get ready for bed. The second episode ended and it was time for bed. I managed to get everyone tucked in without too much trouble and headed down to do dishes. (For some reason Katie did not want me to go back down and do dishes tonight because she really didn’t want to go to sleep. I think she was just super tired. I didn’t mention that I didn’t really want to do them either.) I am hoping that tonight I can sleep better.

Day 35

Woke up early this morning and got everyone up and ready for church. We managed to get there almost on time and the three older kids headed up for Sunday School while Abby and I went to the adult class. Abby behaved pretty well during the first half of Sunday School. The second half she was getting a little loud so we sat in the nursery and listened while she played. Church however, was another matter. Katie and I were able to take a quick trip outside early on and then I ended up taking Abby in the nursery to rock her to sleep as once again she did not want to fall asleep despite being really tired. It didn’t take real long and then we were able to head back to our seats and the rest of the service went fairly smoothly. After church we came home and had lunch. With that cleaned up I decided to try to take a nap as I’d had trouble falling asleep the night before. Unfortunately due to some noise from above I didn’t get much of a nap in. I think the noisemakers were wishing they had been quieter by the time they got done doing jobs for me and paying penance.

At some point this morning Katie again wanted to know when we were going to move to Texas and when we were going to sell our house. I told her that God was working on it. Now I keep getting asked if God is still working on selling our house and when He is going to do it. These questions then sparked the comment from Emma that God wasn’t really selling the house. Robbie responded that yes, God was the one selling the house. Emma replied that no there were people who were showing the house. Robbie stood firm by his answer without much explanation. I finally stepped in and explained that while yes there were people showing our house it was still God who brought the people along and helped them decide to buy our house. Fortunately their discussion was much easier to answer than Katie’s. Oh the things that begin from one simple comment!

This afternoon and evening we were busy getting things done. I was able to get several loads of laundry done so that everything but the clothes on our back were clean. Robbie and Emma got their room clean and I was able to get it vacuumed before tucking them in. We also managed to get a large box of Robbie’s stuff packed up. I put several of his train sets in there along with his large Nerf gun and his Armor of God. I think it was a lot easier to talk him into packing up the gun since it is no longer automatic. We also put one of the belts in there fully loaded with darts so that is 25 less darts for me to find lying around the house! All in all it was a pretty successful day, not too busy and yet I was able to get quite a bit done. Tomorrow is slated to be quite full as I plan on mowing in the morning and then running a few errands around town in the afternoon.

Day 34

This morning I woke up cold! I brought Abby in when she woke up to nurse her and her little feet were like ice cubes. We snuggled down under the covers and both fell back asleep. After such an early and miserably hot summer this last week has been absolutely amazing! The nights have been perfect and we have slept with the house open the last two nights and were able to leave the air off both days. I finally turned it on tonight since while it is going to be cool again there is a slight chance of rain and I just didn’t feel like waking up and closing windows. As I was waking up for a second time Katie and Robbie were already awake. I got Katie dressed and by then Abby was up so I got her dressed as well. Robbie was going to go to lunch with ‘Morris’ for an early birthday lunch so he was all dressed and ready to go, seat and all. He went ahead and did his math worksheet and lesson while he was waiting for her to arrive. As I knew that I was going to have some complaints that others were not going along I decided to make pancakes for lunch. Normally I make them from scratch and decided to use up the Bisquick I had in the pantry. I now remember why I just make my own. They took a little less time to make but they were flatter than anything! They looked so sad I decided to make some eggs to go with them. Fortunately they still tasted all right. They was nothing to them so the whole plate of pancakes was quickly polished off.

After lunch I sat down to check my e-mail and do a few things on the computer. The girls played and asked off and on how long Robbie was going to be gone! He got home around one and said he’d had a good time. More importantly ‘Morris’ said he had behaved and had eaten well. I think that anytime my kids get to eat pizza their appetite triples! We visited for a little bit and then she headed back home. This afternoon while Katie and Abby were napping the rest of us headed up to the attic for box 3 of Robbie’s things. I think he is getting anxious to move as it went a lot faster today. I put together a medium box and we put several of his large vehicles in there and then filled the box with various smaller objects that he had wanted to leave out last time. We also threw away a few toys that were broken beyond repair. While there is still quite a few things left in his room I feel like we are making progress. I told him that I would like to get him down to just one bin full of toys until we are settled in a new house and he seems to be fine with that.

Four o’clock rolled around and the kids changed so we could head down to the pool. Tomorrow is the last day they are open but I told the kids that today would be our last day to go. I actually took Katie and Abby over to the baby pool today and visited with a friend while they splashed and played around. The water in it was quite cool and I noticed that Abby was getting fussy, which considering how she loves the water is rather strange for her. Emma had come over so I had her bring Abby over to play by me. I noticed she had goose bumps and as she kept fussing I wrapped her up in her robe and she was happy to sit by me on the side of the pool and play while the other kids played. I think it must have been just a little too cold for her. The other kids didn’t last until closing time either as they said the water was cold. So, we grabbed our towels and headed out a little early. We were getting to the car just as they blew the whistle rather than being in the water until they blew it. They seemed to have had a good time and are looking forward to swimming again when we go to Texas. Robbie thought it was good we were moving to Texas because Grandpa and Grandma’s pool doesn’t close like ours does.

Once we got home Emma took her shower and I cut Robbie’s hair. He was not a happy camper but I managed to get it cut anyways. I think he decided in the end that it was better to get it cut here than in Texas because he was the only one getting his hair cut and so the clippers didn’t get hot. After his haircut he took his shower while I got dinner going and then I took mine. Everyone was happy with the simple dinner of rice, barbeque hot dogs, and corn. Abby ate the hot dogs like they were candy! After dinner the other two girls got baths and then the kids called to wish Aunty Anna a late “Happy Birthday”. They did this while I pulled out clothes and picked up upstairs. With that done it was once again time for the bedtime routine and then for me to do dishes.

Day 33

Today was an enjoyable day. The kids and I slept in and then spent the morning picking up. After lunch Abby took a nap and they went upstairs and played until my friends came over then they came down and watched movies with one of their friends. I had invited two of my friends over to scrapbook. This had been one of the many things I’ve been wanting to do since Rob left for several reasons. First of all, it gave me some adults to visit with. Secondly, I find that if I invite people over to scrapbook with me I actually get my stuff out and get some done. Considering that I would like to do one for each of my kids first year of life I need to get going as I don’t have any of them done. I do have a lot more done since I started having occasional “scrapbook parties”, which I started when Rob was here and working the rotation. Third, it is just fun to get together with friends and fellowship. The kids did well and were all pretty quiet and self entertained and I think all three of us had an enjoyable time. They were here for most of the afternoon and into the evening. I was able to get three two page spreads done in Abby’s book. My last friend left around 7:30 and as I was out of tape and Abby was getting quite hungry (despite having had a snack) I got all my stuff sorted and off the table so we could eat dinner.

We finished up most of the leftovers for dinner and then Robbie finished up his math lesson so he could play Reader Rabbit. He had wanted to do it earlier but I had told him I didn’t want him on the computer while we had people here. He talked to Dad on the phone and then sat down to play while his sisters and I talked on the phone. I think he managed to finish the last level of the game so he’ll have to start again next time if he wants to play. Abby played in her room while I was on the phone and amused by she and myself by trying to place various objects in the little toy teapot she was playing with. She also had a lid that she kept handing to me and saying something. I always have to wonder what they are thinking when they do things like that. After bedtime I came downstairs and decided to pack up another box of things in the kitchen. I haven’t gotten any calls saying they have plans to show the house this weekend so I decided I’d pack a medium box and if I get a call I’ll either haul it upstairs or find somewhere else to stash it. For now it is just going to sit in the kitchen. It is encouraging to see how far along I am coming in packing up the kitchen and yet at the same time somewhat odd as I still have no idea when the house is going to sell. I hope it is sooner rather than later and figure I’ll just pack as much as I can so that when it does sell hopefully I can get everything I need to done and finished as quickly as possible to make things go that much smoother. After finishing up the box I washed up the lunch and dinner dishes and am now enjoying the quiet and cool house. (The last two nights have been just beautiful, both being in the high 50’s.)

Day 32

Another day has come and gone. This morning I put on a pot of beans to boil and then I helped Robbie with his math. His lesson was on subtracting with regrouping so I wanted to make sure that he understood the lesson so I gave him a problem to do and he did it without any trouble. Hopefully when he starts the subtraction worksheets he continues to get it. He did good with the addition problems today and once again only missed three. He seems to know what he is doing but just occasionally forgets to carry the ones. After he did his math I set up the Reader Rabbit game and he worked on that while I worked on packing and then going through Abby and Katie’s drawers to pull out the clothes that were too small. I lost track of time so he got to play a little more than his thirty minutes.

By the time I came back down it was time to finish up the beans and eat lunch. I have never seen anyone so thrilled that we were going to be having bean burritos! The kids all ate well including Abby, who finished eating before anyone else. After lunch they cleared the table and headed outside to play. I told Katie she could play outside for about thirty minutes and then would need to take a nap. My plan was to put her and Abby down at the same time. Abby however, had other plans. She laid down on her lamb pillow and started to fall asleep, so I carried her and it upstairs and put her to bed. The kids all came in almost exactly thirty minutes later, I am not sure how they managed that! Katie went down without a fight and I was able to get dinner mixed up and ready to go in the oven. After naps we changed and headed down to the pool. Both the girls floating rings had needed air when Emma brought them to me so I blew them both up. However, by the time we arrived at the pool Abby’s inner ring was almost totally flat. Since it had the outer ring it was still usable. I finally found that it had a rather large whole in it at one of the seams. I’m not sure if it is fixable or not so I suppose it is a good thing we will probably only be going to the pool here once more.

We came home and while Robbie and Emma showered I finished up dinner. I tried a new recipe and while it tasted good when I first got it out of the oven the liquid hadn’t gotten to the rice at the bottom of the pan so I had to mix it up and put it back in the oven. Fortunately it cooked quickly and I was able to get everyone fed. It had chicken in it so I thought I had better warm up the leftover noodles as well. Katie surprised me and decided she wanted seconds on the chicken casserole and not the noodles. Abby favored the green beans and bread but liked the casserole as well. There were no complaints so I guess it is a keeper.

The kids played and then took a break to hear another chapter in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The further we get the more I realize how totally different from the movie the book is. It had been so long since I’d read it that I had forgotten how the book went. I finished reading and then headed up to put the clothes I’d sorted out away in the attic. With that done it was time to clean up and get the kids to bed. They picked up all the toys so that I can vacuum in the morning, brushed their teeth, listened to bedtime stories, and went to bed.  I did the dishes for the day and cleaned up the kitchen. All in all it was a pretty good day.


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