About Me

RobbieHi, my name is Robbie.  I am a great entertainer, singer, dancer, ball player, you name it.  I used to keep Mom busy all by myself.  But then Emma (my kid sister)  and Katie (our newest addition) came along.  Now I have graduated to Mom’s big helper and right hand man.  Emma and I have lots of fun together.  We both enjoy taking care of both Katie and all of Emma’s babies when we’re not busy running around putting out fires.  Some days Katie wears me out getting her diapers, getting her burp cloths, finding toys for her, pulling out her thumb, and putting in a pacifier.  (All in an effort to not have two “thumb suckers” in this house.)

I love to help out.  If you need a job done just give me a call.  I’m good at helping set the table, fixing around the house, bringing down the laundry, helping Dad in the yard, and taking care of baby sisters.  I am on call most of the time and always have my tools handy.

My favorite baseball team is the Texas Rangers. Right now I have big plans of being a “pudge” or catcher in a few years.  As for my future career I’m not real sure on that yet.  I thought about being a firefighter as I thought that maybe they did not have to work nights.  I’m not sure though, its too bad there aren’t any emergency services that don’t have to work nights.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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