Playing Baseball

So far this season I am enjoying coach pitch. My team’s name is the Tornadoes. My friend Jack is on another team that doesn’t have a name. He said that they should call themselves the “Storm Stoppers” because they were going to beat our team. We ended up winning when we played them so I guess that wouldn’t have been a good name. So far, I have gotten to be catcher during all but about three batters this season. I am enjoying playing this position and am slowly getting better at blocking and catching. I have also managed to get on base almost every at bat. We have only lost two of our games this season with only one to go. While I have enjoyed catching I told Mom after our last game (which we lost) that I was going to have to play outfield the next game. Mom must not have been paying attention to the game because she asked why? Did the coach tell me I needed to move? My response was that no he had not, hadn’t she seen the game? I needed to play outfield because they were missing the balls that came to them and we lost the game! Mom said I needed to stick with being catcher and that she thought we’d do better next time.  I sure hope so as I’d like to win our last game. Go Tornadoes!


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