Play-doh Creations

Emma and I played with Play-doh the other day. First, we made cookies. Second, we made hot dogs. Then we played a bit with the Play-doh. After a while we decided to get really fancy and Emma wanted to try to build a Play-doh castle, and then I said let’s build a Play-doh robot. Emma said “lets a build a castle first” and I replied ” no, lets build a robot first”. We finally agreed to build a robot first, so we put our Play-doh together and built a robot. The robot was kind of fat the first time. Here is a picture of the first robot.


The robot with its creators

A close-up shot of the robot


After playing with the robot for a while we broke it. Then I thought we wouldn’t have enough Play-doh to build a Play-doh castle. But it turned out that we had a lot left after building a small Play-doh castle. After that Emma made a garden with lots of flowers and showed Mom and she liked it. I broke it since Mom had already seen it then we built another robot. It was even skinnier than the first one and was very tall. It was so tall it couldn’t stand up by itself. Here I am trying to hold him up.

Because he couldn’t stand up I made a chair for him. Emma decided to go back to making hot dogs. Here she is cutting up her hot dog.

As you can tell we had a really good time. I can’t wait until the next time we play Play-doh. I think I’ll try to build the skinny robot again so I can get a picture of him standing.


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