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Let the Games Begin

Well, I have now had two t-ball games this year. Our first game was on June 1st against another team here in town. We got our new shirts when we arrived at the game. They are a royal blue and match my Rangers cap and my Rangers wristbands almost perfectly. I am number 8. Our coach wasn’t there so Dad and two of the other parents helped coach. We batted first and I forgot who I was supposed to be after. So, when they told us to grab our gloves after the last batter I told them I hadn’t batted yet. So, I batted real quick and then we took the field. I hit at least one ball out of the infield. The weather was nice and the game went well. Dad and Mom said I did really good and I had a good time.

Running Bases

Playing Third

The rest of the week went pretty much as usual. This weekend we were busy working outside and in the yard. I helped with my usual jobs with the mowing and then we all played outside while Dad and Mom worked in the yard on some other stuff. Sunday we had church and our monthly potluck. There were lots of desserts and jello salads! We had a good time eating and visiting with everyone.

Our second game was this last Monday. It rained all day so we weren’t sure if we were going to have a game or not. It finally stopped raining a few hours before the game and the sun came out. We ended up playing. This time we were the home team so we batted last. The other team had a lot of kids on their team! After they all got done batting (we even made a few plays that would have been outs) then it was our turn. We only ended up playing two innings this week. But during part of the second inning I played first base. I was able to catch several grounders thrown to me by my teammates and even managed to catch one ball on the bounce! There were a few frustrating moments for me when the pitcher grabbed the ball and then ran and tagged home rather than throwing it back but we had a good time.

In other news around here Mom moved all the plates and snack bowls down lower into the island in the kitchen. She also moved down my cups. Now Emma and I get to unload the plates, silverware, plastic containers, and snack bowls out of the dishwasher. We were both excited to be able to be “bigger helpers” now and are both enjoying our new job. Emma has started helping take care of the dogs and will hopefully take that job over soon. Also, Mom let me take the trash out one day. I was very careful and did it just like she told me to. I sure am getting bigger!


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