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Happy Memorial Day

This morning Dad and I went over to the Memorial Day service here at the cemetery. Usually all of us go, but Mom stayed home with Emma and Katie since Emma wasn’t feeling well. The service went all right and it was good to remember those who have given their lives for our country and our freedoms. After the service Mom made brunch and I decided we should have hamburgers and potato salad for dinner rather than Mexican pileup. (Since Dad didn’t have any preferences my vote actually counted for something.)

I’ve been kind of grumpy as I’ve had a crick in my neck since yesterday, I’m hoping that it goes away soon. Other than that there isn’t a whole lot going on here. Hopefully we’ll have a quiet and restful day. We’ll probably go for a walk later and I’m trying to lobby for another movie. Well, I suppose I’d better run. Thanks to all those who are serving our country.


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Royals v. Rangers Game May 26th

Tuesday evening we set out our clothes for the upcoming Rangers game. I wanted to wear the new Michael Young jersey I had gotten at the game we went to in Texas but Mom said it was too big. I didn’t really care that it was too big and still wanted to wear it. However, Dad showed me one of his jerseys and explained to me that it wasn’t as nice as the one he was going to wear or as some of the ones I had. Plus since it wasn’t made quite as well if I wore it now then it would be wore out before I grew into it. He had some good points and so I decided I’d wear my jersey that I had gotten with my Woolly bucks from store at home. (For those of you who don’t know Emma and I earn Woolly bucks for a good attitude, sharing, being nice, and other good things. We are then able to spend them on items in the treasure box store.) Emma, Katie, and Mom were all going to wear their pink and white jerseys.

We got up early Wednesday morning and headed off to Kansas City. Emma slept most of the drive over there and Katie napped off and on. We got there a little early and our friends (who are Royals fans) that we were meeting there weren’t there yet. It was just as well though as we had time to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and get everyone all cleaned up and ready to go before they got there. When they arrived we headed over and picked up our tickets and then headed in. Our first stop was over to the outfield experience that they have at Kaufman stadium. We had gotten tickets as part of a package that included play passes for the outfield experience and $5 to spend at the ballpark. Emma, Katie and I decided to ride on the carousel first. Katie was too scared to ride on one of the animals so Mom held her. Here’s a picture of the carousel.

Mom, Emma, & Katie on the Carousel

After that we headed over to a small field where I got to practice my batting. I got to hit several balls that they pitched to me and on the last ball I got to run around the bases. My first try I only hit a few of them but the next time I was able to hit most of them. The last time I decided to try a slightly smaller bat and didn’t do quite as well but I still managed to hit a couple of them. Emma also decided to give it a try. Since she hasn’t had much practice batting she hit off a tee. It was obvious she didn’t have anywhere near the experience I did as she tried batting with only one hand and had no idea where to stand or how to hit. She did manage to at least hit the ball with the bat and get them off the tee. I guess I need to show her how to hit one of these days. Here I am hitting.

While we were there I also ran the 90 feet between bases against the time of Billy Butler. Needless to say I didn’t beat him to the base. After that I went over with the girls and played on the slides.  Katie managed to ride the carousel on the bat and glove once but she didn’t like it and got scared by the going up and down. We all rode it one last time and then headed to our seats. Emma sat by Elsie for part of the game. During the game we got to pick on thing to spend our money on so Emma and I both got milkshakes. Emma got vanilla and I got chocolate, they both had cherries in them! They were very good. The game went quite well until the sixth inning when the Rangers gave up the lead and ended up losing the game. Oh well, we had a good time going to the game and visiting. After the game we headed home and stopped with our friends at Applebee’s for dinner. Since it was Wednesday the kid’s meals were $0.99 so Emma and I got to get our own meal. I decided on a corn dog with fries and milk to drink. Emma on the other hand decided on broccoli with her corn dog and milk. While we were eating the manager came by and gave all of us kids cards so we could get a free milk shake every month of the year since it was their kids night! Since I finished all my dinner I was able to get a milkshake and this time I decided on strawberry. Emma was still full from snacking at the ballgame so she didn’t finish her dinner. Katie shared Mom’s pasta with her. She didn’t get a milkshake either though. After dinner we headed home where Aunt Ruth was waiting for us. We got in late so it was time to get jammies on and head to bed. Overall it was a good day and I was glad I got to go.

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A Tough Decision

Last week marked the first week of tee ball practice. We had our practice Tuesday evening at 7 down at the ball fields. This  year I had a different coach though there were three boys who had been on my team last year and I knew quite a few of the others. Dad and I went down to the ball fields that afternoon and practiced my catching. Practice went well, we practiced throwing and catching with each other, then we took turns practicing batting into the fence. After that we all took the field and the coach hit grounders to us so we could practice catching them and throwing them to the proper base for an out. I had a really good time and was disappointed to find out that we weren’t going to be in town for my next (and only other) practice.

We had been planning a trip to Kansas City to watch the Royals and the Rangers play. Well, once I realized that Aunt Ruth was going to be in town this week I decided that as much as I wanted to go to the game I really didn’t want to miss tee ball practice. Dad and Mom said they thought that if I wanted to go to practice that I could probably stay with Aunt Ruth and go. While I was quite grieved that the game had to be the same day as my practice Dad reminded me that they had already made the plans before I knew when practices would be. Well, after some hard thinking I finally decided I’d skip the game and go to practice. After a few days I decided that the best thing all the way around would be for it to rain the following Tuesday so that my practice would be canceled and rescheduled. Then I’d be able to go watch the Rangers and still make my practice. Mom said that probably wasn’t going to happen and that even if it did rain they probably wouldn’t cancel until everyone had left for the game. Oh well.

Aunt Ruth arrived here Monday evening right around bedtime. The following morning was a nice sunny day without any chance of rain. We spent the morning visiting with Aunt Ruth and then after Dad got off work went for a walk and practiced my catching some more. After that it was time for practice and no one had left for the game! Turns out Dad and Mom were able to get their schedules and everything worked out so that we could go to the Wednesday game instead. Practice went well as we practiced taking turns in the field then batting and running the bases. We actually even made a few outs! Boy was I glad that I got to not only go to tee ball practice but got to see the Rangers play as well!

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Grandpa & Grandma’s House

I am still managing to keep quite busy and seem to be getting busier every day. We went down to Texas over Mother’s Day weekend and spent the weekend at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. We had an uneventful drive down and got in late Thursday night.

Day 1

The next morning we got up early and went to the Fort Worth Zoo. When we got there we went to ride on the train but had just missed it so we went and looked at the flamingos, which were near the train station. One of them was squawking very loudly and kept coming near the bridge we were on and making lots of noise. It was so loud that Katie finally noticed what we were all looking at and was quite impressed watching the pink long legged birds. There were quite a few of them, two of them were fighting, one kept sticking his head under the water, and some of them were sleeping and standing on one leg.

After a while we went to see how much longer it would be until the train got there and they told us to check back sometime later as the train had stopped working! So, we headed off down the nearest trail to see what kinds of animals we could find. As it was still pretty early in the morning most of the animals were awake and moving around. We got to watch the monkeys swinging and climbing around on their ropes and also got to see one of the elephants rolling a big ball around with his trunk.  Here’s a picture of Emma watching the elephants as they were eating and playing in the water.

The lions area was set up with a stream going through it and two waterfalls. When we passed by one of the lions was following and batting at a plastic bottle that had gotten in his water. I think maybe he thought it was a fish and was trying to catch it. On this loop we also saw rhinos, hippos, ostriches, zebras, tigers, and all sorts of other animals. Here I am by the giraffes.

After a while we stopped and had a picnic lunch at some tables in the shade. The train was back up and running so after lunch we took the train over to the Texas Wilds. Riding on the train was fun for all of us, but Katie was so impressed that it made her bounce and dance. Here I am with Aunty Eva riding on the train.

While we were in the Texas Wilds we sat through a storm inside a building! It rained and hailed while we were in there and Katie got scared. After that we went and saw some crocodiles, turtles, birds, and other animals, and got to feel some starfish and other animals that live in the water.

Other animals we saw were penguins, sharks, snakes, bugs, lizards, a komodo dragon, horses, zebras, cheetahs, eagles, and kangaroos. We had a really good time while we were there. Katie managed to stay awake the whole time and even walked a fair amount of the time we were there so Emma could ride in the stroller. She enjoyed watching the animals that were behind the glass the best as she could get close and see them. Here’s a picture of us taking in the old Texas town.

That night we went out to dinner at Babe’s Chicken for an early Mother’s Day. Katie really liked the salad and kept asking for more. I on the other hand really liked the fried chicken as well as the mashed potatoes and biscuits. The food was really good and they kept bringing more and more food until we were all very full. We all had a really good day but were quite tired when we got home.

Day 2

Saturday morning we got up and headed down to the Fort Worth Stockyards to have brunch with Uncle Nate. We ate outside at a Mexican Restaurant. It was really nice outside and the food was very good. After that we walked down to the Stockyards where they were having their Frontier Days. They had all sorts of tents set up with Indians, cowboys, and soldiers of all different time periods.  Here we are with one of the Indians and then here’s us checking out one of the Indian tepees set up.

While we were down there we also walked by a bunch of shops, checked out some cannons they had set up down there, asked some questions about a mortar, rode on a mini carousel, and tried out a mini stagecoach.  Here are a few more pictures we took while we were down there.

After spending the morning at the Stockyards it was back to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for naps followed by an early dinner. Then it was off to the Rangers game. The Texas Rangers were playing the Kansas City Royals. We got there and they were giving away Michael Young red jerseys to all kids 13 and under so Aunty Anna, Emma, and I all got one. Dad bought me a Rangers pencil and Grandpa let me use his scorecard so Dad could teach me how to keep score. I wrote out the Rangers lineup on my scorecard and managed to keep the Rangers score for the first 4 innings. The game was good and to top it off the Rangers even won!

Day 3

Sunday morning we went to Sunday school and church followed by a trip to Costco and Toys R Us so that Emma and Katie could pick out their late birthday presents. It took quite a while but Emma finally decided on a wooden vanity and makeup set and Katie decided on a pink Fisher Price Little People bus and bus driver. I think the song it played help win it over as it made her smile and dance. Grandpa even let me pick a little something out and I decided on some Playmobil pirates. After that we headed back home for a quiet afternoon. We spent the afternoon playing with our new toys and visiting.

Day 4

Monday morning we slept in a little and then worked on packing everything up. While Dad and Mom were packing and loading up Aunty Eva got out some Playmobil things that she had and we played Playmobil. She had some flowers and so my pirates felt the urge to chop down the flowers with their swords. We played for a while and then decided to head out and put our feet in the pool. We were disappointed that the water never warmed up enough to swim while we were down there. We did however, have fun splashing our feet in the water. Here’s a picture of us splashing. After that we had lunch and then it was time to go. We had quite the eventful drive home. Oklahoma was under tornado warnings and we just missed at least one if not more tornadoes on the way home. We passed several semi trucks that were laying down on their sides and a big branch that was laying in the middle of the highway. We could see where the tornado had twisted the trees and left a path through them on the other side of the highway. We also passed a bunch of golf ball to baseball sized hail and a car that had its windows all smashed in. Fortunately we didn’t actually drive through any of this weather though it looked like we didn’t miss it by a whole lot. We made it home all in one piece, got everything unloaded, and it was off to bed. We had a good time in Texas and were glad we got to go down and visit.

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