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Papa & Granna’s House

Last Friday was a long day. I did get my stitches out in the morning and then I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon helping Mom pack for our trip to Oklahoma. She didn’t pack and load things up quite as fast as I thought she would. I was a little worried we wouldn’t have it all done in time. With lots of prodding and help it was all done in time. After Dad got off work we all loaded up in the van and headed down to Oklahoma to see Papa and Granna. Aunt Ruth was home from college so we got to see her too! The drive down went well. Emma and I shared a Hamburger kids meal and enjoyed watching two Veggie Tales movies on the drive. We got in late and enjoyed a burrito and some visiting when we got there. After that it was time for bed. Saturday morning I awoke bright and early. I’m not sure why no one else was up. Papa was the first to wake up and he was headed off to his office to study. After that I decided to sit in the dining room and play while I waited for everyone else to get up. It was raining by the time we were all ready for breakfast so I put on my raincoat and headed over to Papa’s office to let him know we were ready for breakfast. I had been sure to get instructions on how to get to his office before he headed off. Since Saturday was rainy and Papa had to study for church Dad and I went over and played catch in the gym. I was glad to get some practice in as I was getting behind due to my stitches. We practiced for quite a while and I was even getting where I could catch some pretty fast ones! While Dad and I played catch Katie played with some bigger balls that were in the gym. She ran around and also rolled the ball back and forth with Mom for a while. In the meantime Emma stayed at the house and helped Granna make chocolate chip cookies. According to Emma they put in brown sugar, silver sugar, butter, chocolate, and Emma even got to crack the egg! After playing catch we headed back to the house and Emma let us all sample her cookies. They were quite yummy! Saturday evening I helped Papa fold bulletins to get ready for church then sat and colored while he studied.

Sunday we had breakfast and then headed over to the church. After church Emma and I both went to different Sunday School classes. I had a good time in my class. Aunt Ruth took me to meet my teacher. She was very nice and she even knew Cousin Danny. I told my class about having to get stitches on my arm. They weren’t real sure when I said that I went to Awanas too as they didn’t remember seeing me at their club. My teacher explained that I went to Awanas in Kansas. We had a good time in class and learned the verse “The Lord is my Strength” Ps. 7:28. Emma said she sang songs in her class and they got coloring books with stickers and learned Jesus Loves Me. They also had snacks. That afternoon we all went out and played on the swing set. Since there were only two swings Emma and Katie had to share. We had a good time swinging, sliding, and playing pirates. Katie enjoyed swinging the most but she did give the slide a try. I think she decided going down them like she goes down the stairs (feet first on her tummy) was the way to go. Here are a few pictures Mom took of us playing.

Emma & Katie sharing a swing

Pirate Robbie

Emma at the Wheel

Here I am climbing the slide...

As you can see we had quite the good time. Aunt Ruth had to leave that afternoon, so I helped Papa check the oil on her car and we said goodbye to her. After that we took naps and then had church again that evening. Emma and I went over with Granna to hear people say verses and then we played while she set up Awanas store. After church we had popcorn and string cheese. Then we headed downstairs with Granna and watched movies. Monday I was disappointed to find out we had to leave as I thought we were going to be staying one more day. We got everything packed up and then played outside for a while before having to finally load in the van and head home. I had a lot of fun while we were there and enjoyed it most when Papa didn’t have to study. I wish we could have stayed longer but at least we had a really fun time.

Last night we had our last Awanas for the year. As usual we got to watch a movie and had store and awards. I finished my first book this year and so I got my first book award! The last thing I hadn’t done in my book was to bring a friend. (I had tried but none of them ever made it.) Well, I had been playing with two boys in our neighborhood Tuesday night and invited them. They were able to come so I was able to have everything in my book signed off! I also enjoyed going to store and came home with quite the goodies. I was hoping they would have foam swords and they did! I got one of those along with some camping tools, which include an ax, hunting knife, and two in one shovel/pick. I also got a Bible movie and some candy. After it was over we all got to have cookies and lemonade. I’m going to miss Awanas over the summer.


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Stitches Out?

Well, once again I’ve been slow in updating. As you can guess from my title, I do have a good excuse for part of the time. For those of you who perhaps haven’t heard yet last week I managed to “dash” my arm through the kitchen/sun porch door and had to get five stitches in my wrist at the hospital. It hurt quite a bit when they were cleaning it and when they gave me the shots but not while they were stitching it up. Emma, who thinks she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, watched the whole process. I took a peek when the doctor was all done stitching it up and wasn’t sure if I was impressed or not. I decided it looked kind of like an Indian staff. You can see what you think:

Five Stitches

Anyways, I’ve survived the last nine days with the stitches and am supposed to go over and get them taken out today if everything goes well. If not then I guess I’ll just have to live with them a few more days. I’m hoping I get them out though since I’m getting quite behind in my ball practice. In other news, we are finishing up Awanas for the year. I finished my book last week (the only thing I have left is to bring a friend – I’ve been trying…) and we have only one more night left. Next Week will be our last store of the year and awards night. Hopefully I can get Mom to sew the patches on my vest before next Wednesday.

Well, looking back at the last few posts I realized I forgot to put up pictures of Katie’s Birthday. As it has been over a month and a half ago I’ll spare most of the details. You might however, notice from the pictures that she seems to be particularly enjoying her cake. This was the first time she got to have cake and seemed to know it was for eating and was good stuff. In fact, she ignored the candle on it (Mom ended up blowing it out) and dug in with both hands.

Digging In - Why waste time blowing out the candle?


Opening Presents

Let’s see, I guess I missed posting over Easter too. We had a great Easter weekend. At Awanas that week I learned about dark Friday, the day we remember when Jesus died on the cross. That week, we also make a craft in school out of my Jr. Clubhouse magazine. Here’s a picture of Emma and I with the finished project.

He is Risen

Then on Saturday we headed down to the park for the local egg hunt. We all three got to get eggs but Emma and I got to share the candy. Katie wanted to pick up the eggs until everyone was supposed to start and then she got distracted by everyone else. She did however manage to get back on track and pick up and put a few in her basket. In fact, she and Mom even made the paper. That night we made our usual Resurrection cookies. This year Katie got to join in. She beat on her pecans with quite the gusto. (Of course, I don’t think there’s anything Katie does that she doesn’t do full speed with all her energy.) We were doing pretty well making our cookies until Mom put them in the mixer. I moved a stool over so I could check on them. I think Emma even managed a few looks before we headed in the other room. A few minutes later Emma headed in to check on them and noticed that Katie was pouring the leftover egg yolks all over the floor and Ginger’s head (as Ginger was licking up the yolks on the floor). Needless to say she hollered at Mom. She and Dad came in to take the bowl from a grinning Katie who managed to have made a big mess! Other than that we finished them without any problems. Emma even managed to answer a few of the questions about what each part of the cookie reminded of us. She also enjoyed telling people after they were done about them being empty just like the tomb because Jesus is alive! Here’s a few pictures of us making them.

Making Resurrection Cookies

Checking to see if she's doing it right

The expert at work

Well, I am about out of time. Guess I’d better go get ready for my doctor’s appointment. Hopefully I’ll soon be stitch free…

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