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The Night Off

The last week has been long and slow. We’ve all been sick with one thing or another and are finally getting to the tail end of things. I was sick first, then by the time I started getting better Mom got sick so I had to take care of her. It made its way through all of us. Fortunately I think we are all mostly over it now.

Well, the local highschool basketball team made it to state so they let school out early today and as a result Awanas was canceled. I was kind of disappointed as Mom and I have been working on the books of the New Testament, since that’s what I have to say next in Sparks. I guess I’ll just have two extra weeks to work on them, hopefully by the time I go back I can say them without any help. I’ve also been working hard on saying verses to Grandma I was able to do five last week (four from Sparks and one from my Mailbox club).  Since there was no Awanas tonight the girls got their yearly bath. As you can see they came out pretty clean.

All Clean

All Cleaned Up

In other news, I got my Jr. Club magazine this week. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures and so far have worked on coloring the picture page in the middle. I’m looking forward to Dad and Mom reading it to me. They also sent me some postcards and stickers. I think I’m going to like this club. Well, that’s about it here. I think I’m going to head off and see if I can talk Mom into some coca-cola cake.


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