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Store Loot and a Little Stinker

Well, I had an awesome time at store last night and came home with all kinds of great stuff! With the Awana bucks I’d earned I was able to buy a toy soldier who came with several guns and an ammo belt, a foam dart gun, a slinky, a whistle – aka recorder, a Cars folder for school, and two pretty hair barrettes for Emma. This morning I was up bright and early, dressed, and took care of my dogs before mom told me to. I came downstairs carrying my soldier and his assorted items ready to try out the slinky and dart gun (which we had saved until today as it was late last night when we got home). The dart gun shoots really far! Mom showed me how to do the slinky and we tried it on the front steps but it didn’t really work there so we headed to the servant’s stairs and tried it there. It worked really good and I had lots of fun watching it go down the stairs. Emma came and watched for a while after she got up. After that it was time to get stuff done and do school. School went well and fairly quickly today since I got an early start. Afterward I was able to play with my new stuff some more until it was time to clean up and take naps. Speaking of naps, here’s a picture of Katie that Mom took yesterday while Emma and I were taking naps. As you can see from the expression on her face I think she knew better than to sit in the dog’s bed and may have just a little mischievous streak in her…

The Little Stinker


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Future Doctor?

Thought ya’ll might enjoy these pictures we took the other day. For some reason Katie has been quite taken with Emma’s new doll. She seems to like playing doctor. Not only that, but as much as Katie hates having her nose cleaned out as you can see she is quite the expert and has no qualms about taking her revenge on innocent victims…

Getting Ready

Cleaning out the Baby's Nose

As you can see she accidentally got it upside down here but amazingly, most of the time she had it right. In between playing doctor she has been working on her walking. She is starting to get much steadier and can even walk carrying things. She’s still pretty slow but she seems to be catching on pretty quick.

Emma and I both enjoyed having friends over this weekend. We had a pastor candidate come this weekend and they had a four year old boy and a 1 year old girl. So, I had a good time playing swords with their boy and Emma and Katie had fun playing baby dolls with their little girl. We got to spend most of the weekend with them and we had a wonderful time. I was hoping they were going to come back today but they had to head back home. I sure hope I get to see them again.  In other news, just two more days before we have store  at Awana’s, I can’t wait!

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Birthdays and Holidays…

Well, its been a long time since I have written on my blog. In that time I’ve turned five, Christmas has passed and Emma has gone from two to three. I thought I’d at least try to give you a quick review of the last few months…

My Fire Engine Cake

As I said I had my fifth birthday. Here are some pictures from my birthday. I had a great time with fun birthday hats and even a fire engine birthday cake.  Another big hit was the big boy bicycle that I got. I had a fun time trying it out and fortunately didn’t tip over too many times. I was glad to be turning five. That meant not only did I get to move up from Cubbies to Sparks at Awanas but also that I got to start school!

Opening Presents

So far I’m enjoying school. Emma sits in and even though she’s little and doesn’t get to do all of the worksheets and all she does get to join in some. I really like Math and doing number puzzles. Science is probably my second most favorite subject. I’m also learning all the letters and sounds they make. I’ve been excited that I have been able to start reading some books! Sometimes it is slow going but I am finally learning how to read!

Playing in the Snow

This Thanksgiving we enjoyed having Grandpa, Grandma, Aunty Eva, and Aunty Anna up here. We had an enjoyable time visiting. Grandpa even had a chance to fix my flat tire so I could show off my bike riding skills. We also had a day of really nice weather so we all walked up to the playground and played for a while.

Katie in the Snow

Fortunately for them they managed  to be up here before Winter and all the snow hit. As you can see we have gotten quite a bit of snow this winter. Here’s Katie enjoying being out in the snow. Emma and I were going to build a snowman but the snow was too dry. We then decided to try to build a snow fort but it didn’t quite come out like we wanted it too. So, we settle for a snow ‘boat’ instead.  At least we had a good time playing out in the snow.

Hay Ride

Early in December Mom, Emma, Katie, and I all went down to the park for the turning on the lights. They had chili and cookies down there, Santa, and a hay ride. Here’s a picture of us on the hay ride. We enjoyed riding around the park and looking at all the lights. The cookies were really yummy and Emma and I both came home with candy canes.

Opening Presents at Grandpa's House

We spent a quiet Christmas at home this year. We had our usual Christmas Eve dinner and festivities remembering the true meaning of Christmas, that Jesus was born. Unfortunately our Candlelight service at church got canceled because of bad weather, so we stayed home and went to bed early. Christmas morning we all had a great time opening presents and trying them all out. Among those Emma got a vacuum and spent most of the day cleaning house. I was thrilled to get a green Texas Rangers ball cap. Katie got a purse, which both Emma and I enjoyed showing her all the ways she could play with it.

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's

Two days after Christmas we all loaded up in our van to head down to Texas. There we spent several days at Grandpa and Grandma’s house where we had Christmas with them. We had a great time playing with both them and Aunty Eva and Aunty Anna. I got a really neat Lego set that makes into two types of airplanes and a helicopter. I enjoyed making them into all three of them. I was able to do most of it on my own with just a little bit of help.

Cooking at Grandma's House

Emma got some dishes and we both got some food. In addition, Grandma made us some playdoh. Emma and I had a great time cooking food. We made lots of baby carrots and peas as well as cookies and waffles out of the playdoh. We had quite the kitchen going and as you can see from the picture Emma kept quite busy trying to keep up on all the cooking. In the middle of our trip we took a short trip down to Gran Esther’s house where we got to visit with her, Papa, Granna, Uncle Roy, Uncle Nate, Uncle Jon, Aunt Judy, Aunt Ruth and Danny. There we had yet another Christmas. We enjoyed not only visiting but playing with our cousin Danny. We got an Elefun game and so Emma, Danny, and I all had a fun time catching butterflies. As you can see from the picture below Katie had a good time snuggling with anyone who would hold her in between crawling around and getting into anything she could get away with.

Katie and Gran Esther

Emma enjoyed getting a baby doll and doctor set. Needless to say during her break from vacuuming at home and cooking at Grandma’s house she spent her time playing doctor and taking care of her sick baby. She is quite the busy girl finding it hard to find a whole lot of free time.

Checking out her baby doll

I got another set of Legos. This time I got a bunch of working people and some stoplights and signs. I was really disappointed that I had left my airplane at Grandma’s house. As you can see from below that I still had a good time setting them up and trying them out.

Playing Legos

After two days at GranEsther’s we headed back to Grandpa’s house.  There we were joined by Uncle Michael. We hadn’t seen him in a long time, (in fact, Emma and Katie hadn’t met him before). We had a good time visiting with him. Emma was quite taken with him and enjoyed talking him into playing with her and her princess book that she got. We  all enjoyed playing games and hanging out. Here’s a picture of us with Uncle Michael.

With Uncle Michael

After a week down there it was back home and back to the cold weather again. It didn’t take too long to get back into the routine of school and catching up around the house. The rest of January was pretty slow up until then end. Then for some of us it went really slow. Emma spent the two weeks telling everyone how her birthday was far away. She thought she was going to be seven, but finally figured out that three came after two. It didn’t take her long to figure out what she wanted for her birthday meal.  She decided on noodles (mac and cheese), meatballs, green beans, and added broccoli as well at the last minute.  And then of course nothing could do but a pink, princess cake. Well, her birthday finally came. She was impressed that they sang Happy Birthday to her in church. She gave quite a bit of thought to the fact that she was no longer two but at least she has figured out that she is now three. Here are a few pictures from Emma’s birthday part. As you can see she got her pink princess cake.

Emma's Princess Cake

Opening Presents

So, in sum, its been a crazy few months. Katie still isn’t quite walking though she has taken a few steps here and there. Emma is talking up a storm and is hard to keep quiet. She keeps busy with all her homemaking skills now that she is fully outfitted. When she’s not busy with those she has become quite adept at talking on her cell phone and taking pictures with it. She is also enjoying being in Cubbies this year and thinks she is quite bigger, bigger. Her goal right now is to get big enough to chew gum and to drink pop in her princess cup. As for me I’m keeping busy with school and Sparks and looking forward to warmer weather and the start of baseball season. Hopefully we’ll get back on track keeping everyone up to date.

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