Through the Wardrobe

July 25, 2009 – Part 1

Saturday morning I woke up before Mom and Dad. I also woke up before Emma who had moved from her side of the bed onto mine and was almost on top of me. I tried to move her over but she started crying. Then Mom tried to move her over and she didn’t want to. She moved back to where she was and then decided to just wake up. We all got dressed and headed downstairs in the hotel for breakfast. Emma had cereal and a muffin. I had a waffle, cereal, and a muffin. After breakfast we packed all our things up in the van and headed to Union Station. When we got there Emma and I got our pictures taken as High King Peter and Queen Susan. Here we are.

King and Queen of Narnia

King and Queen of Narnia

Standing by Giant Rumblebuffin

Standing by Giant Rumblebuffin

After we got our tickets we stopped by to look at Giant Rumblebuffin and get our pictures taken. The picture turned out kind of dark, but you can still see he is quite big. We headed from there downstairs to the Narnia exhibit. We went through the gate shown below and entered into a room that had things from C.S. Lewis’ home. There the man told us what it was like for the children during the war and how many of them were sent away from the cities to live in the country. In fact, C.S. Lewis himself took some children from which he got some of the ideas for his story. From there we were ushered into another room where the only thing in there was the wardrobe doors. While we were in there we could see it raining outside and hear the rain falling. The lady reminded us of the story how it was raining outside and Lucy was looking for a good hiding spot when she found the wardrobe. The wardrobe doors opened and in we went to the world of Narnia. We walked in past the coats and it was snowing inside! We all got snow on us and Emma still had snow in her hair after we were done and outside. I don’t know how they made it snow in a building but they did. Even though it was snowing it really wasn’t that cold. While we were in Narnia we got to sit on the Queens icy seat. I also got to touch part of a frozen waterfall. It had finger holes in it and I put my fingers in them. When I touched it I could feel it melting under my fingers.

Outside Narnia

Outside Narnia

One of my favorite things in the exhibit was a map of all of Narnia. I was able to see exactly how I was able to see how far it was from Lantern Waste, where the children entered Narnia, to Cair Paravel, where the story ends. Another highlight in Narnia was the catapult that Emma and I got to shoot. It shot rocks around the size of basketballs. We pulled our side of the rope and it shot the rock into a net. That was really neat! I also got to try my hand at building a tower. I put all the pretend stones together over the arch and then pulled it out and the tower I had made stayed together until Emma and I smashed it down. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures in Narnia so I don’t have pictures of these. We also got to go under a huge tree stump and see Trufflehunter the badger’s home, crawl through a hollow log, design our own shield, and feel how heavy a suit of armor and a sword were. We got to see some of the actual costumes and props from both the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. After we got through Narnia we looked in the gift shop for a while. I was hoping to find something there for only $1 but there really wasn’t anything. Emma and I did get two postcards each though, which actually were less than $1 each.


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