Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig

July 23, 2009

Well, Thursday morning I got up and loaded all my stuff in Uncle Nate’s car. Then Uncle Nate, Granna, and I all headed up to Oklahoma to meet up with Mom and Katie for lunch. When we got there Mom and Katie were already there. Boy was I glad to see Katie, I forgot how much I missed her. I played and visited with her while we waited for our lunch to get there. We had pizza and bread for lunch, it was very yummy. After lunch we walked along the riverwalk to get back to the cars. Then we moved all my things into Mom’s car and it was on the road again. It didn’t take me long to drift off and I managed to get in a little rest before Katie’s crying woke me up. We made it home all in one piece just in time to beat Dad and Emma back from the fair where Emma won first place in her group for the baby show. She got a medal and her picture in the paper. It didn’t take Emma and I long to get back into our groove. We sure did miss each other though.

Together again

Together again

That evening we unloaded my things from the car and finished loading up the van for our family vacation. Then it was off to bed as we were going to have to get up very early. I was still excited from my break and excited about our family trip so I had a hard time falling asleep even though I was very tired. Eventually though I was able to fall asleep…

“And Me”

I had a fun day at Morris’ house. After that it was home with Dad for naps and then off to the fair for the baby show. I wore my new Pooh bathing suit and while I wore my crocs on the walk down there I decided I didn’t want to wear them for the show. I managed to make it across the stage all in one piece where Dad was waiting with my crocs. Once across I put them back on and they gave me a splash ball. Then we had to wait for all the other kids to finish. Afterwards I was supposed to get my picture taken with the boy who had won our age group. They had two chairs sitting there so I sat down and kicked off my shoes for the picture since I hadn’t had them on for the show. We finally got done with the pictures and headed home. When we got there Robbie was sitting outside waiting for us. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be glad to see him or not, but I was. We all headed inside to catch up on the days events. Then I tried to help him feed the dogs and our methods didn’t quite go together so I came inside and let him finish up. I must admit I really don’t mind giving him his job back.


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