At Grandpa & Grandma’s

July 18, 2009

Here I am at Grandpa and Grandma’s.  I had kind of a rough first day.  I woke up and wasn’t feeling very good. We all sat down to a delicious breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and milk.  I drank some of my milk but unfortunately was not able to eat much breakfast as I got sick.  I was going to try to eat my bacon anyways, but Grandma wisely suggested I not.  I kept an ice cream bucket close at hand for a while. While I wasn’t feeling very good I did manage to go swimming and we got the train set up. I took a nap that afternoon and had some toast and applesauce.  Not quite as good as the Mickey nuggets that were originally planned but I still wasn’t feeling the best.

That evening it was off to a Ranger’s game with Grandpa. While we were at the game Grandpa and I went down near the dugouts.  The Rangers were not there but one of the security guards told us to wait and went inside.  Then he came back out with a baseball for me! The Rangers lost but Josh Hamilton hit a home run that went a long way. Around the fourth inning I started to get kind of tired and ready to go home.  I made it through the eighth inning and just couldn’t hold out any longer.  So, Grandpa and I went home and unfortunately I missed the big fireworks show.

This morning I woke up and was feeling a lot better.  I played legos with Aunty Eva and Aunty Anna.  One of the lego doors broke, but Aunty Anna fixed it.  We also found a frog in Grandpa’s yard.  Aunty Eva put it in the water and it swam.  Then Grandpa put the frog on Aunty Eva and it got scared and went to the bathroom on her.  It was very silly.  Aunty Eva and I also found some seeds in the garage that were yellow and brown.  Maybe I will glue some on some paper later.  I’m not sure what all we are going to do today.  “We’ll just have to wait and see.” I did tell Mom that I would call her again later and let her know what all else I am doing so she can put it on my blog.

“And Me”

We are all doing good here though we miss Robbie quite a bit.  I’m having to work very hard and do lots of jobs because he is not here to help.  It sure is a bigger job taking care of the dogs than Robbie made it look. The days are a lot quieter, my babies amazingly less demanding, and my tea parties much calmer but also much smaller. Uncle Josh stopped in last night because his plane was late so he couldn’t get a car.  Dad picked him up and he had dinner with us and stayed the night.  We had a good visit. We watched the Rangers game on the computer (I was kind of in and out), but never did see Robbie. I talked to Robbie on the phone again today. It sounds like he is having a good time.


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